Become a Steward of Your Local Stream

Happy Streamwatchers

BWA’s first and longest running program is the highly successful Volunteer Streamwatch. This program enlists the help of nearly 90 volunteers who monitor and act as stewards of the streams near their homes. Volunteers collect water quality data from one or more sites once a month. The data is entered into a database used to provide a graphic, long-term snapshot of the health of the streams.

The largest benefit of the program, however, is the continued stewardship that volunteers provide by observing the day- to-day changes in their stream. Almost 100 sites are monitored throughout the watershed.


What’s it like to be a Streamwatcher? Click HERE for a summary of what these vital volunteers do.

Can you commit 1-2 hours on a monthly basis to monitor one or more streams near your home? READ MORE AT OUR STREAMWATCH VOLUNTEER PAGE.

Everyone can be a steward.

Who to Call When

The steps to take and the proper authority(s) to call when you see what you believe is a problem with a stream.