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Green Stormwater Infrastructure

How BWA is ‘GREENING’ the Brodhead Watershed
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Plan for Clean Water

Plan for Clean Water

A municipal guide to protecting land that protects water
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Municipal Stormwater outreach 

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municipal stormwater management

What is MS4?

MS4 stands for  Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems.

A Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection stormwater discharge permit is issued to municipalities for municipally owned structures, including retention basins, ditches, roadside inlets,  underground pipes and other  conveyances used to control stormwater runoff.

BWA’s role

BWA’s goal is to assist affected muncipalities  comply with their MS4 permit requirements in the areas of public education and public involvement.

IDEAS IN GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE: From the WaterNow Alliance comes the video “The Future of Water: Build equity and resilience with localized infrastructure.” Scaling up investment in local solutions can build resilience and keep water affordable for generations to come.

Who in Monroe County is affected?

1Municipalities within an  “urbanized area” as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau.  The 2010 Census defined the East Stroudsburg Urbanized Area to include all or part of the following municipalitities:

  • East Stroudsburg Borough
  • Hamilton Township
  • Middle Smithfield Township
  • Pocono Township 
  • Smithfield Township
  • Stroudsburg Borough
  • Stroud Township

Map of East Stroudsburg Urbanized Area

Chart of all municipalities affected by the MS4 program.

Where muncipalities contain streams that are listed by PA DEP as “impaired,”  a Pollution Reduction Plan must be developed for those impaired streams.

Webinar: Safeguarding Clean Water in Monroe County

BWA partnered with the PA Environmental Council and American Rivers to provide a training, “Safeguarding Clean Water in Monroe County.” This three-part webinar series provides Monroe County municipalities with information on stormwater, green infrastructure, and MS4:

To learn more about MS4:
Resources for public involvement: