This is a series of articles on the fauna and flora of the Brodhead watershed that face endangerment.

Life of the Forest

December 2023

The American marten has been called “an icon of the wilderness.” And thanks to the PA Game Commission, they may be on the verge of a comeback…

Thanksgiving Staple

November 2023

Whoever and wherever it was, we can be pretty sure food was involved. And centuries before cousin Vinnie started bringing his awful jello mold, cranberries were on the menu.


October 2023

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

Every single species, every single creature has a role to play in the complex web of creation.


Least Shrew

September 2023

At birth, they weigh basically nothing — about as much as one pea. Full-grown, an adult is about three inches long and still weighs less than a nickel. But these little guys are bundles of energy.

Mosaic of Habitats

August 2023

Every living creature needs food, water, shelter and space — often in surprisingly specific ways. Humans lived in the woods and along the creeks of the Brodhead watershed for thousands of years.

Black Poll Warbler

July 2023

Some creatures, like the blackpoll warbler, know what it’s like to lose their essential habitat, the basics of life.

Are Bats Flying Back

June 2023

“Flying” may be too strong. But Little Brown bats — whose numbers plummeted by 98 percent in recent years — just may be starting to recover.

Backyard Pollinators

Backyard Pollinators

May 2023

Why Backyard Pollinators Are All the Buzz. Keeping hives healthy is time- and labor-intensive, and takes serious know-how.

What is a Creek?

April 2023

But anyone who’s ever spent a summer afternoon messing around in a creek knows — a creek is so much more than its water. It’s a whole world.


March 2023

“Eagle-Eyed” Etiquette. Much as you love watching them, do the birds a favor. Keep your distance. Give them the privacy and peace they need.

Leopard Frog

February 2023

Northern leopard frogs used to be common from most of Canada through the colder parts of the US. Since the 1960s, they’ve been almost entirely wiped out in their western ranges. 

Ash Trees

January 2023

Agent of death — the emerald ash borer is a tiny insect that has ripped through the Brodhead watershed, killing hundreds of thousands of ash trees.

Flying Squirrel

December 2022

Habitat destruction is endangering the Northern flying squirrel population.

Bald Eagle

November 2022

Bald eagles are alive and well in the Brodhead watershed, but other critters are in decline.

Brown Bat

October 2022

Bats are actually amazing mammals with well-developed eyes. There are 1,400 species of bats worldwide.

Monarch Butterfly

September 2022

Monarch butterflies are in steep decline. Over the last 20 years, their numbers have dropped by 85 percent.

River Otter

August 2022

If you have seen the elusive river otter in the wild, you are one of the lucky few.

American Bittern

American Bittern

June 2022

American bitterns are rare in the Brodhead watershed. The culprit: habitat degraded by humans. 


May 2022

It’s said the more common names a plant has, the more important it is to the culture of an area.

Rusty Patched Bumblebee

Bumble Bee

April 2022

The Rusty-patched bumble bee is a tiny creature’s range has shrunk to about 15 percent of what it once was.

Golden-Winged Warbler


March 2022

Golden-winged warbler is an endearing dynamo has one of the smallest populations of any bird not on the endangered list.


February 2022

“Brookies” need cold, clear, pure, oxygen-rich water to survive and thrive – and these fish are worth protecting.

Turtle Talk

Bog Turtle

January 2022

The adorable, tiny bog turtle is at risk from environmental factors and people who “love” them too much.