Support BWA

Clean and abundant water, open space and a healthy local environment are essential components of a healthy community.  The Brodhead Watershed Association is in need of supporters like you – water protectors providing stability in uncertain times.

Together, we act as a collective community of like-minded individuals supporting our essential clean and abundant water resources. Ensuring that water in the Brodhead watershed remains fishable, swimmable and drinkable for generations to come!

How can you support the work of the Brodhead Watershed Association?

Why Your Support Matters

Wildlife Habitat

The Brodhead Watershed is a wildlife Hotspot; Old Growth Forests, Pristine Creeks with exceptional biodiversity. Over 60% of all Threatened and Endangered Species rely on Wetlands and Rivers for survival.

Water Quality

The Brodhead Watershed has the finest quality surface and groundwater in the state of PA. Most residents drink directly from the ground, or surface waters.


25% of all wetlands in the state of PA are in the Poconos; home to many unique and threatened species, and vitally important for the reproduction of local cold water trout.

Recreation and Health

The Brodhead Creek is the home of Fly Fishing in the US. The majority of all named waterfalls in the state of PA occur in the Poconos, many are on public lands in the Brodhead Watershed!