BWA Project Headwaters​

In 2021, BWA was awarded a small grant from the PA Growing Greener program to study two small, headwaters streams in the Paradise watershed that volunteer monitoring showed had high levels of conductivity. Conductivity is a measurement of the ability of a substance to conduct electricity.  Although conductivity is not a pollutant it can indicate presence of substances that are harmful to aquatic life.  Forest Hills Run and Yankee Run showed conductivity levels over four times the typical levels in Monroe County streams.
The purpose of the study Is to determine what causes the high conductivity levels in Forest Hills Run and Yankee Run. Three sites on each stream were selected for further study.  Six sampling events took place. Samples were analyzed by a certified laboratory for aluminum, calcium, chloride,  iron, magnesium, potassium silicon, sodium, alkalinity,  bicarbonate, carbonate, nitrates, nitrites, phosphorus and total organic carbon.

Most substances analyzed showed very low levels present in the samples.  Calcium, chloride and sodium were consistently higher than  levels typically found in Monroe County streams. 

Winter 2021 to Present Report

Determining the Cause of High Conductivity Yankee Run & Forest Hills Run, Mount Pocono, PA

Forest Hills Run Report

Forest Hills Run is a headwater tributary of Paradise Creek. The Borough of Mt. Pocono covers most of the drainage area at its origin. It receives stormwater runoff from Borough streets and the discharge from the Borough’s wastewater treatment plant.

Yankee Run Report

Yankee Run is a small headwater tributary of Paradise Creek. It originates near the intersection of Routes 611 and 940, north of the Borough of Mt. Pocono. It was formerly the water source for the Fairview Water Company which supplied water to the Borough of Mt. Pocono for many years.