Mill Creek Project

Mill Creek and its tributary, Rattlesnake Creek, rise on the Pocono Plateau and flow through Barrett Township  for about six miles before joining the  Brodhead Creek nine miles north of the village of Analomink, Monroe County, PA.

The headwaters of Mill and Rattlesnake creeks are in State Game Lands 221, and are designated as Exceptional Value streams thus given the highest level of protection from polluting discharges.

About mid-way through its journey to the Brodhead, Mill Creek flows through the developed area of Mountainhome, the village center of Barrett Township.

BWA received a grant to develop a Coldwater Conservation Plan for the Mill and Rattlesnake creeks. Read the Plan here. Read the report on macro-invertebrates in Mill Creek, here, and on  a fish survey here. View a map of the watershed.

A second grant was received to develop green infrastructure projects in the Village of Mountainhome, and host workshops for homeowners and businesses on green practices they can adopt to protect Mill Creek and other streams in the area.    Check the Greening Mountainhome page to learn more about that project.