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By: Paula Heeschen

April 2024

State Rep. Tarah Probst, D-189, attended the April Monroe County Conservation District board meeting to renew her efforts to curb an Interstate 80 expansion. Probst spearheads the I-80 Task Force in a quest to reduce the scope of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation project. The current plans call for widening the highway through Stroudsburg, adding lanes, and changing or closing some on- or off-ramps. READ MORE HERE

March 2024 

A language barrier is proving the latest obstacle in the Monroe County Conservation District’s ongoing battle against “dirty dirt”. What’s dirty dirt, you ask? Check out this month’s MCCD Report and find out. READ MORE HERE

February 2024 

A proposed utility-scale solar project in Polk Township prompted a lively discussion during the Monroe County Conservation District’s February board meeting. READ MORE HERE

January 2024 

Local soil conservationists plan to work during 2024 to improve a West End beef cow farm and protect neighboring streams. The goal is to keep soil and manure on the land and out of Pine Creek, a tributary to Princess Run and then to Buckwha Creek, improving overall water quality in the watershed.  READ MORE HERE


November 2023

Conservation Districts across the region and the state are doing their best to provide a uniform approach in regulating development. Head Resource Conservationist Lori Kerrigan addressed the issue with district board members during the November board meeting. READ MORE HERE.

October 2023

Monroe County Conservation District board agreed in October to continue supporting a key stream gage in Pocono Creek. The board voted unanimously at the October meeting to renew the contract for 2023-24, also agreeing on a plan to fundraise to defray some of the cost. READ MORE HERE

No reports for September 2023

August 2023

Sometimes paying penalties is cheaper than complying with conservation rules, the Monroe County Conservation District board heard in August.

District Manager Kristina Heaney and Head Resource Conservationist Lori Kerrigan spoke on the issue at the Aug. 17 board meeting. 

Kerrigan addressed a Stroudsburg development site that, earlier this year, the district referred for enforcement to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. It’s since been resolved through voluntary compliance. READ THE FULL REPORT HERE.

July 2023

The Monroe County Conservation District has referred a warehouse construction site in Mount Pocono to the state Department of Environmental Protection for enforcement. The Mount Pocono site is just one of at least four warehouses/distribution centers proposed in Monroe County and under review by authorities, district engineers Drew Wagner and Michael Wilk saidIf the projects are poorly designed or constructed, or simply during extreme rainfalls, stormwater can pour off the property, sending runoff across adjacent land and roadways and eventually into streams. Silt-laden stormwater harms fish and other aquatic life. READ THE FULL REPORT HERE.

June 2023

Three local farmers have used the Monroe County Conservation District’s no-till drill in recent weeks, accepting higher insurance costs to do so. District Manager Kristina Heaney told the board during its June meeting that the three farmers each paid an additional premium for their insurance coverage for the use of the drill. No-till drills save money both time and money because farmers must go over a field only once, rather than plowing last year’s crop first, then planting afterward. The system also lessens erosion from tilled fields. READ MORE HERE

April 2023

Monroe County Conservation District held engineering solutions public workshop with Keynote Speaker John K. Jackson, Senior Research Scientist at the Stroud Water Research Center, who discussed the science of stream buffers – helping elected officials, engineers, and planners understand more about managing stormwater. READ MORE HERE

March 2023

Monroe County Conservation District is continuing to raise the alarm over “dirty dirt” — polluted fill

masquerading as landscape soil.   READ MORE HERE

February 2023

Local conservation officials are concerned about massive tree clearing on a large construction site
along Route 115 in Tunkhannock Township. READ MORE HERE

January 2023

Monroe County reviews stormwater plans over 50% faster than the rest of Pennsylvania.  READ MORE HERE

No report for Dec. 2022

November 2022

District staff seeding reconfigured banks of Sand Spring Run.  READ MORE HERE

No reports for Aug/Sept/Oct 2022

July 2022

MCCD discusses Brodhead upgrade petition; continues efforts to combat tainted fill.  READ MORE HERE

April 2022

MCCD talks education, outreach in April. READ MORE HERE

March 2022

MCCD board takes on tainted “landscape fill.” READ MORE HERE

February 2022

MCCD discusses public school busing costs, spotted lanternfly mitigation. READ MORE HERE

January 2022

MCCD seeks grant for tabletop stream-flow model. READ MORE HERE

December 2021

‘Our role is advocacy’: MCCD speaks against changes to state Clean Streams Law. READ MORE HERE

November 2021

Illegal fill is still finding its way to building lots in Monroe County, keeping watchdog agencies on the alert. READ MORE HERE

October 2021

MCCD is assisting with a revamp of stormwater management plans. READ MORE HERE

September 2021

Board discusses post-hurricane stream damage. READ MORE HERE

August 2021

MCCD technicians praise new e-reporting system. READ MORE HERE

July 2021

Thanks and congrats for notable achievements. READ MORE HERE

MAY 2021

How MCCD staffers handle site inspections … and spotted lanternflies. READ MORE HERE

APRIL 2021

MCCD naturalists are battling the invasive spotted lanternfly while trying to boost the local bee population. READ MORE HERE

MARCH 2021

MCCD staffers have published a checklist as guidance for construction projects. READ MORE HERE


Illegal fill has been found in building lots at Monroe Lakes, Middle Smithfield. READ MORE HERE


A BWA leader has joined the MCCD board. This has been Craig Todd’s long-cherished goal. READ MORE HERE


State agencies commend MCCD for ‘progressive’ flood planning READ MORE HERE


MCCD board turns down $10,500 donation due to conflict of interest READ MORE HERE


MCCD adapts, expands its free education offerings READ MORE HERE


MCCD excels at speedy permit review READ MORE HERE

NOV/DEC 2019

Faces are changing at MCCD. READ MORE HERE


District manager is leaving MCCD. READ MORE HERE.


Board president wants to shift MCCD’s focus. READ MORE HERE.

JULY 2019

MCCD staffers call for stricter standards of clean fill in Pa. READ MORE HERE

APRIL 2019

MCCD combats illegal waste, fill dumping: READ MORE HERE

No action, no answer on ethics violation questions: READ MORE HERE

MARCH 2019

Work plans, rewarding days and an award at MCCD  READ MORE HERE


MCCD sets plans for new year as former manager seeks to join board … READ MORE HERE


A busy 12 months at MCCD … READ MORE HERE


MCCD’s Moyer fined for ethics violations … READ MORE HERE


Monroe County shows that stormwater management measures work … READ MORE HERE


MCCD Board votes to return to Level III … READ MORE HERE

JULY 2018

DEP delegation dispute resurfaces … READ MORE HERE

JUNE 2018

Make sure to monitor area development: Attend meetings! … READ MORE HERE

MAY 2018

Citizen challenges ‘conflict of interest’ for board member … READ MORE HERE



APRIL 2018

Big projects bring big questions for MCCD …READ MORE HERE


Smoother sailing, but still some turbulence … READ MORE HERE


Fresh faces, fresh start for MCCD Board … READ MORE HERE


Board is mired in manure and more minutiae … READ MORE HERE


Real conservationists are needed in open spots on district board.  … READ MORE HERE

JULY 2017

Barrett water company proposal, conservation district actions require your attention. … READ MORE HERE

JUNE 2017

Internal issues throwing board out of balance … READ MORE HERE

MAY 2017

MCCD board convenes without a quorum – and too few environment-minded  leaders. … READ MORE HERE

APRIL 2017

Business concerns seem to be pushing a stream designation program off course. … READ MORE HERE


Recent MCCD board meetings have found a board majority often at odds with their paid staff …. READ MORE HERi

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