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The Upper Brodhead Subwatershed

Drainage Area: 70 square miles
Brodhead Watershed, Monroe County, PA


Barrett Township
Price Township
Coolbaugh Township
Middle Smithfield Township
Greene Township, Pike County


Brodhead Creek
Pine Mountain Run
Poplar Run
Stony Run
Mud Run
Lucky Run
Mill Creek
Rattlesnake Creek
Beaver Brook
Schafer Swamp Run
Spruce Cabin Run
Goose Pond Run
Andy Sommer Run
Horse Meadow Run
Bon Hill Run
Buck Hill Creek
Griscom Creek
Clear Run
Red Run
Gilpin Run
Leavitt Branch
Middle Branch
Dry Run
Laurel Run
Spruce Mountain Run


Mountain Lake (on Leavitt Branch)
Lake Jamie (on Leavitt Branch)
Lake in the Clouds (on Leavitt Branch)
Skytop Upper Lake (on Leavitt Branch)
Skytop Lower Lake (on Leavitt Branch)
Leavitt Branch Dry Dam (on Leavitt Branch)
Goose Pond, natural (on Goose Pond Run)
Ransberry Pond (on Goose Pond Run)
Annunziata (on Goose Pond Run)
Goose Pond Run Dry Dam (on Goose Pond Run)
Vanderwheel Dam (on Goose Pond Run)
Canadensis Hotel Dam (on Goose Pond Run)
Longacre Pond (on Middle Branch)
Gravel Pond (on Laurel Run)
Kresge Dam (on Rattlesnake/Mill Creek)
Mill Creek Dam (on Rattlesnake/Mill Creek)
Onawa Lake (on Rattlesnake/Mill Creek)
Geissinger Dam (on Rattlesnake/Mill Creek)
Pace Pond (on Griscom Creek)
Spruce Cabin Pond, natural (on Spruce Cabin Run)
Reinhart Lake (on Spruce Cabin Run)
Sommers Dam (on Spruce Cabin Run)
Browns Lake (on Stony Run)
Dormoy Lake (on Stony Run)
Snow Hill Dam (on Stony Run)
Hiawatha Lake (on Pine Mountain Run)
Manzanedo Lake (on Pine Mountain Run)

Do you know?

The Upper Brodhead subwatershed includes the headwater tributaries, as well as eight miles of the main stem of the Brodhead Creek above its confluence with Paradise Creek near the intersection of Rt 191 and Rt 447. The Upper Brodhead subwatershed drains an area of 65.9 square miles, including parts of Coolbaugh, Barrett, Price, and Middle Smithfield townships. A small portion of the upper headwaters extends into Greene Township, Pike County. The Upper Brodhead Creek is paralleled by Route 447. Most of the headwater streams of the Brodhead Creek are found in Barrett and Price townships. These include Buck Hill Creek, Middle Branch, Leavitt Branch, Goose Pond Run, Spruce Cabin Run, Stony Run and Poplar Run.

The headwater tributaries of the Brodhead Creek sustain a 900-foot vertical drop, resulting in waterfalls found on Stony Run, Goose Pond Run, Spruce Cabin Run, two on Buck Hill Creek, Spruce Mountain Run, Rattlesnake Creek, and Leavitt Branch (Indian Ladder Falls). Alpine Mountain ski area is located along the Brodhead Creek, upstream of the confluence with Paradise Creek. Skytop Lodge is located on one of the highest elevation of the Brodhead watershed, on the Pocono escarpment.

The headwater streams of the Upper Brodhead were named for their location, appearance or function. Some, like Red Run, emerge from acidic bogs on the edge of the Pocono Plateau and are named for their colored acidic water. Others, like Clear Run, are spring fed and named for their crystal clear appearance. Flowing through the rock outcrops of Cresco Heights, Rattlesnake Creek was named for the reptiles found in these parts.

In the century past, the streams provided power for the tanneries, which brought prosperity to the region. Mill Creek, which flows through Mountainhome, was one of the more heavily used creeks. Later, visitors experienced the joys of fishing the small runs and brooks. Canadensis, the village where the streams converge to form the Brodhead, has often felt the power of all that water. Spring floods regularly affect the surrounding homes; most devastating was the flood of 1955 when bridges and dams up and down the creeks washed out and isolated many areas.

The large tracts of undeveloped land in state gamelands or owned by private individuals, hunting clubs and the older resorts of Skytop and Buck Hill serve as buffer areas protecting these streams.

Two sewage treatment plants discharge to the streams, one serving the community of Buck Hill Falls and one the Skytop Lodge and community. Fortunately, population growth in the headwaters areas has been relatively slow, so streams have not been significantly impacted.

Exceptional Value streams in the Upper Brodhead subwatershed include Buck Hill Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Mill Creek, Spruce Cabin Run, Stony Run, Mud Run, Deep Hollow, and Poplar Run.