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May 05 2024


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Hike at Timber Farm

A rock wall divides land at Timber Hill Farm. Photo by Carol Hillestad


Join us for a visit to Timber Hill Farm in Paradise Township, a 100-year-old farm protected with a conservation easement, put in place by second-generation owner, Edie Stevens, back in 1999. On this outing, we’ll be exploring and learning about vernal pools – a unique type of wetland habitat that is typically a small, shallow, ephemeral water body. Unlike a pond or a lake, they have no permanent inlet or outlet. They are filled each spring by rain and snow melt, then dry up for some time during the summer. The qualities of vernal pools distinguish them from other wetlands. Vernal pools, even in their impermanence, play an important role in supporting several species of animals that require these temporary wetland habitats for survival.

Wear sturdy shoes and don’t forget water and a light snack!

This hike will be led by an Environmental Educator from Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center.


On Conservation Easements:

People throughout Monroe County, if interested, can also protect their land this way. Some landowners have large farms they want to see preserved. Others have land along a stream they want to protect. And there are those who may have forested land they want to manage for timber, maintain for animal and bird habitat, or to provide a family retreat. A conservation easement can work for all of them.

With a conservation easement, a landowner gives or sells development rights to a land trust. They still own the land and can pass it on to heirs — whether to sell or donate the development rights depends on each owner’s circumstances, and often provides tax benefits. The land trust’s job is to protect the land in perpetuity.

For information on conservation easements, contact Pocono Heritage Land Trust via phlt.org or call 570-424-1514. Founded more than 25 years ago, PHLT is a local land trust, the steward of more than 4,000 acres in Monroe County. Wildlands Conservancy holds the easement on Timber Hill Farm. See wildlandspa.org or call 610-965-4397.


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Hike at Timber Farm
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    1. Hi Phyllis! We have hikers of all ages attend our hikes. Some can be a little more strenuous than others, but we will mention if that’s the case. This hike at Timber Farm will be an easier one.

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