STREAMLINES: News and events from BWA
A Great Year of Volunteering
BWA sends a very big thank you to all of our volunteers. Your efforts help to keep our streams healthy and our water clean.
Events like our plant sale were a great success thanks to all of our volunteers.
Volunteers from a local scouting troop set up new plantings along the streambank at Mill Creek.
Cellular data loggers, known as 'Mayflys', have been placed strategically around the watershed. Volunteers are integral to this project. The loggers rely on sensors that are placed in the stream current. Data is checked by logging into
Streamwatch volunteers take monthly readings of water temperature, pH, and conductivity in their local creeks. BWA has been collecting volunteer-sourced data for 30 years! At this year's annual Celebration, board member Edie Stevens presented Wendy Lichty with the John Riley Award for her nearly 20 years of service to this program.
Wrapping Up the Year in Advocacy
Here’s a re-cap of BWA’s advocacy efforts to promote and protect clean and abundant water in 2022. Monroe County is now a hot spot for large scale industrial development pressure. In addition to BWA’s work, we encourage our members to motivate their local municipal officials to oppose waivers of resource protection ordinances, zone appropriately for water quality protection, and expand permanently protected wildlife habitat lands. 
Here are some highlights of our work this year:
  • BWA filed an appeal on the issuance of a state stormwater permit for clearcutting 450 acres in Pocono Township for an industrial solar array in Pocono Township.  (READ THE FULL REPORT)

  • BWA testified in opposition to the issuance of a state permit for the discharge of wastewater effluent into the Exceptional value (EV) Swiftwater Creek by Pocono Manor Investors.  BWA has historically been concerned with the health of Swiftwater Creek and the quality of its water. (READ THE FULL TEXT)
  • BWA reaffirmed the position that PennDOT’s I-80 expansion plan must require a full environmental impact statement (EIS). The project will have direct impacts on 4.6 miles of streams, and over 5 acres of wetlands in the Brodhead Watershed.…BWA is of the opinion that a complete Environmental Impact Statement is necessary for a project of this magnitude. (READ THE FULL TEXT)
  • BWA succeeded in advocating four local municipalities to incorporate our Plan for Clean Water into the HSPS regional plan in 2022. (READ THE LETTER)
  • BWA continues to monitor and address the threat of industrial warehouse/Distribution Center sprawl throughout the Brodhead watershed.  (READ PRESS COVERAGE IN THE POCONO RECORD)
  • BWA detailed numerous inadequacies in an Environmental Impact Statement for Transco's proposed 13.8 mile gas pipeline in Chestnuthill Township and beyond.   BWA also co-signed opposition on the issuance of permits for water obstructions and encroachments to special protection waters.

  • BWA co-signed an opposition letter to the Tobyhanna Township Board of Supervisors on their zoning ordinance amendment to add “Country Resort” as a permitted use in the Conservation District. This change affects the most environmentally sensitive lands in the township.  (READ THE FULL LETTER)
Darryl Speicher led the final Go Poconos hike of the year at Yankee Run Nature Preserve.

The small but mighty group had a bit of an adventure.
Darryl sent us a note describing the morning:
The first stretch of the hike was beautiful, it had everything walking through a winter
wonderland should have; cool brisk air, lacy hemlock boughs dusted with snow and the twittering of birds like chickadees and titmice. The footing was a tad bit slick but our footwear was up for the challenge until I led us into the marsh.

We eventually made it through sinking in the mire and splashing through the creek. I’m sure not everyone got their feet wet but I sure did, Gor-Tex boots and all.
The Get Outdoors Poconos series is supported by a grant from
the William Penn Foundation.
Best Wishes for the New Year
As we head into this holiday season, BWA is thankful for the generosity of our members and sponsors. If you are planning to shop online for your holiday gifts, please consider using our affiliate links. A percentage of your purchase is donated to BWA when you shop through these programs.