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Watershed Puppet Show: "The Show Must Go On"

Through a grant from the Department of Environmental Protection Environmental Education Program, and in partnership with the Monroe County Conservation District Environmental Education program, BWA developed and produced a puppet show, The Show Must Go On, and a related activity packet, that teaches watershed and non-point source pollution concepts to fourth grade students. The show and materials were piloted in the Stroudsburg School District in 1997-98 and then offered to the other Monroe County school districts in 1999-2000.

The script and puppets were then turned over to the Environmental Edcation program and the puppet show continues to be performed for area fourth graders in conjunction with a unit on wetlands and watersheds. To learn more about the puppet show and activity packet, contact the Monroe County Environmental Education Center, 629-3061.

About The Show

The hot new musical group, Hootie and the Raindrops, is late for their date at the Delaware Water Gap Music Festival. Their manager, G.B., (a Great Blue Heron) is feeling terrible after eating a fish for breakfast, and Frogman and his family band are not feeling too good either. What is the problem? The X-fish are called in to solve the mystery.

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