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The Paradise Creek Subwatershed

Drainage Area: 44.5 square miles
Brodhead Watershed, Monroe County, PA

Paradise Creek Subwatershed

Municipalities in the Watershed

Paradise Township
Mt. Pocono Borough
Pocono Township
Coolbaugh Township
Barrett Township
Tobyhanna Township

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Paradise Creek Watershed

Named Streams

Paradise Creek
Butz Run
Cranberry Creek
Swiftwater Creek
Forest Hills Run
Indian Run
Devil's Hole Creek
Tank Creek
Yankee Run

Named Lakes, Ponds, and Impoundments

Crawford Lake (on Paradise Creek)
Pocono Gardens Pond (on Paradise Creek)
Greevy Dam (on Paradise Creek)
Paul Dam (2) (on Paradise Creek)
Sabatino Dam (on Devils Hole Creek)
Harriton Dam, Paradise Stream Pond (on Devils Hole Creek)
Mt. Airy Lake (on Forest Hills Run)
Fairview Lake (on Forest Hills Run)
Swiftwater Lake (on Swiftwater Creek)
Lake Minausin (on Swiftwater Creek)
Pocono Manor Dam (on Swiftwater Creek)
Whitestone Dam (on Swiftwater Creek)
Wetbrook Dam/Weiler Pond (on Cranberry Creek)
Daigle Dam (on Cranberry Creek)
Alpine Lake (on Butz Run)
Freeland Pond (on Butz Run)
Lake Tanelo (on Butz Run)
Meisertown Dam (on Butz Run)
Tanners Henry Lake (on Butz Run)

Do you know?

Paradise Creek drains the Pocono Plateau in its headwaters in Mount Pocono Borough, and Barrett, Coolbaugh and Tobyhanna Townships, flowing for nine miles in a southeasterly direction through Paradise Township before joining the Brodhead Creek. The Paradise Creek subwatershed drains a surface area of approximately 44.5 square miles. The Paradise Creek is paralleled for much of its length by PA Route 191. This highway is largely undeveloped, primarily due to the land being owned by fishing clubs. Major tributaries include Devils Hole Creek, Cranberry Creek, Butz Run, Swiftwater Creek and Forest Hills Run.

Seven sewage treatment plants discharge into the Paradise watershed: Paradise Stream Resort and Monsignor McHugh High School discharge to the Paradise, Mt. Pocono Municipal Authority and Mt. Airy Resort discharge to Forest Hills Run and Pocono Manor Inn, Pocono Mountain School District, Swiftwater Campus, and Sanofi-Pasteur, Inc. discharge into the Swiftwater.

Paradise Creek boasts a healthy population of native and stocked trout. The good water quality can be attributed primarily to the high gradient of the streams in the watershed. The streams in the Paradise Creek subwatershed drop 800 feet in 8 miles. As the water bubbles over rocks and down slopes, it absorbs oxygen from the air and moves nutrients through rapidly so they are not absorbed. In addition, the high water table contributes groundwater flows into streams. Devils Hole Creek, a headwaters tributary of the Paradise, is designated Exceptional Value.

The Paradise, along with the Brodhead, is credited as the birthplace of American trout fishing tradition. Paradise Valley is home to the first licensed trout hatchery in Pennsylvania. (Paradise Brook Trout Hatchery.) Teddy Roosevelt, Annie Oakley, and Calvin Coolidge fished the Paradise.


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