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The Upper Brodhead-Paradise Creeks Greenway Plan

Creating a Greenway from Stroud to Skytop

(reprinted and updated from BWA Streamlines, Winter 2009)

Northeastern Monroe County still has large and beautiful tracts of undeveloped land, providing an important resource for residents and visitors alike.  Tourists and seasonal residents continue to be major drivers of the local economy, and protecting these natural resources is key to maintaining that economic edge.
The recently completed Upper Brodhead-Paradise Creeks Greenway Plan  is a blueprint for how to achieve long-term conservation of the northeast part of Monroe County.  The plan touches on a wide range of related subjects, such as:

  • protecting some of the finest water quality in the Commonwealth,
    including six Exceptional Value tributaries. This also protects drinking
    water quality for downstream residents.
  • preserving historic trout fishing water,
  • safeguarding the largest concentration of parcels over 100 acres in
    the county,
  • buffering State Forest and State Gamelands,
  • insuring the protection of a nationally recognized scenic drive,
  • and creating 25 miles of potential greenway corridors.

Barrett Township, as lead municipality for Barrett, Paradise and Price Townships and Mt. Pocono Borough, applied for and received a grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  This grant, and additional funds from the Monroe County Open Space Initiative, funded development of the Plan.

Once implemented, the greenway would extend from the northern boundary of Stroud Township into the "mountain towns," including parts of the upper Brodhead watershed and the Paradise watershed.  The Plan details the wishes of the community and community priorities relating to creating the greenway, after which each municipality will be responsible for implementing its portion of the plan and working cooperatively with other municipalities on joint projects.

A public meeting was held in the Fall of 2009 to provide an update on the planning progress – you can download the visuals from the presentation at here:

Download Greenway Presenation

Importantly, this greenway plan was done on a watershed scale, covering 110 square miles, rather than as a corridor based on a stream, highway, or arbitrary municipal boundary. All the streams are designated High Quality or Exceptional Value by DEP for protection, making this a significant ecosystem – comparable to resources like the Adirondacks and the Rockies, not in size, but in terms of value.  Land parcels important to meet the goals of the plan are identified.


Update .....

What do Land Preservation, Smart Growth Planning, and Community Connections Have in Common with Safe Drinking Water?

For nearly five years, an advisory committee made up of Barrett, Paradise, Price, and Mt. Pocono citizens has worked on an important planning document for our area — that will also help keep drinking water safe and pure for thousands of people.

Greenway Goals of the Plan include protecting the Brodhead Creek watershed, preserving land and views, and creating a scenic byway, share-the-road bikeways, and multi-use trails and footpaths.

Surveys and interviews conducted over more than 10 years have shown that most local residents support these goals not only in our area, but throughout Monroe County.

The watershed that includes the Brodhead and Paradise Creeks is a source of drinking water for more than 22,000 people. Protecting land along the creeks is the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to protect drinking water quality and quantity. Additionally, preserved greenways and watersheds provide numerous recreational and economic benefits, including ecotourism, forestry, and outdoor sports.

The planning project is sponsored by the four municipalities that comprise the Upper Brodhead and Paradise watersheds: Mount Pocono Borough & the Townships of Barrett, Paradise, and Price. The project is funded by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Monroe County Open Space Plan.

Browse the Greenway Plan.

Download the Conservation Trails Map

Download ther Scenic Bikeways and Bikeways Map

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