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Water Wiser Kids

May 11: An adventure for budding birders



No, they’re not exactly “flying reptiles,” but birds are closely related to dinosaurs — and one of the greatest ways to connect with nature.


Children can learn the ways of birds — and the strategies of birders — Saturday, May 11, during a walk along the trails at Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge in Stroudsburg, Pa. This event, part of the Water Wiser Kids series hosted by Brodhead Watershed Association, aims to introduce children to a new hobby.

From hovering hummingbirds to soaring hawks and eagles, birds capture our imagination like no other group of animals.

On a short walk on a May morning, hikers may see between 30 and 40 kinds of birds. Large herons and wading birds can stand 5 feet tall and fly on elongated wings with their feet trailing behind. Smaller crows and hawks can be seen on a favorite perch or moving through the air, using the wind to propel them higher and higher above us. Sparrows can fit in the palm of your hand, but are more often seen foraging, moving through the small shrubs.

If you have a bird book or some old binoculars at home, please bring them along. We will have some field guides to look through and some loaner binoculars to share. We’ll bring the spotting scope to see some of the perching or soaring birds.

Come along and explore!


This event is part of the Water Wiser Kids Series sponsored by Brodhead Watershed Association, funded by a Dr. Claus Jordan Endowment Grant from Lehigh Valley Health Network Pocono Foundation.






WHEN: 10 a.m. Saturday, May 11, 2019

WHERE: Cherry Creek National Wildlife Refuge is headquartered on a former golf course. The cart paths remain, making for smooth – though often hilly – walking. Register for directions.

NOTE: Suitable for elementary-age children, who must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

COST: Free, but registration is required.


CONTACT: 570-839-1120 or 570-629-2727 or email



July 14: Snorkeling in Cherry Creek – information to come!






This is a series of outdoor experiences designed to help children explore the Brodhead watershed. The hands-on activities are conducted by trained educators and will encourage children and their families to get outdoors more and continue to explore on their own.


The Water Wiser Kids program is hosted by Brodhead Watershed Association and Kettle Creek Environmental Center. The series is supported by a grant from the Dr. Claus Jordan Endowment Grant, part of the Lehigh Valley Health Network Pocono Foundation.


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