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Member Spotlight: Karen Trebitz

June ,  2011

Karen Trebitz named first recipient of Jeri Jewett-Smith Award

Karen Trebitz is the first recipient of a Dr. Jeri Jewett-Smith graduate school scholarship support award in the amount of $250 to help with the costs of graduate school at Washington State University.

The BWA Board voted at its May 2 meeting to give Karen this award for several reasons:  her active and enthusiastic membership in and involvement with BWA events and projects, her research as an intern and student at ESU on projects that supported BWA's mission, her choice of and acceptance into a graduate program that extends our research interests, and Jeri's often-stated respect for her work.

In her thank you to the Board, Karen says, “This award is bittersweet, as I have spent many hours with Jeri. Her enthusiasm in our environment was infectious as she championed conservation efforts ….Jeri’s role as my professor, academic advisor, and friend helped shape my direction of study, and I am deeply grateful for the four years I have known her.”

Karen graduated Summa cum Laude from Stroudsburg University in 2009 with a degree in Environmental Studies.  Jeri was her academic advisor throughout her years at ESU.  Karen started her college studies in 2003 as a part-time student in liberal arts  at Northampton< Community College,  after spending 20 years as a farrier (horse-shoer) and wife and mother. 

Karen will be pursuing a masters degree at Washington University.  Her future goals include bringing good science to environmental advocacy.

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