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Member Spotlight: Jeremy Young/ Microbac Labs November,  2012

Jeremy Young and Microbac Labs- Adopt-A-Streamsite Sponsors

Microbac Laboratories and Jeremy Young, Laboratory Director, are BWA's newest Adopt-A-Stream Site Sponsor.

Jeremy is the laboratory director of the Pocono Division of Microbac Labs and responsible for business development.

He was founder and operator of Pocono Environmental Labs which was acquired by Microbac earlier this year.

According to the Microbac website:  "Pocono has developed a strong pedigree in providing laboratory services to a wide array of customers. Operating for over a decade as an independent laboratory, Pocono performs a variety of certified environmental testing services, including drinking water, wastewater, fungal analysis (mold), and potable and non-potable water for private homeowners, home inspectors, realtors, engineering firms, communities, businesses, other laboratories, and government agencies. The Tannersville laboratory will be supported by Microbac’s NELAC-accredited Harrisburg laboratory which provides extensive drinking water, wastewater, and solid waste testing services."


Jeremy is married to Cathi Merli and lives in Tobyhanna Township.   He was elected to the BWA board at the October 5 Membership Celebration.  He is an avid fisherman who spends many hours a year on the water. 

For more information on Microbac visit their website:

BWA's Adopt-A-Stream Site membership, also known as "Club and Corporate membership,"  allows generous supporters of BWA to support the Streamwatch program, BWA's all-volunteer water quality monitoring program.  Learn more about both programs.

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