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Bank Stability Study

2007 - 2011

Funded by a grant from the PA Department of Conservation and Nautral Resources

From the summer of 2007 to December 2011, Dr. Shixiong Hu, Associate Professor of Geography at East Stroudsburg University, and his students, have been studying streams in the Brodhead Watershed, hoping to determine the major causes of streambank failure, or erosion, in the watershed.

Dr. Hu and students walked most of the stream corridors in the watershed and at points every 250 meters assessed upper streambanks, lower streambanks and the stream bed using several criteria with different numerical designations. Total channel stability was calculated as the sum of all of the criteria. High bank stability index correlates to a less stable bank.

Data was also collected from US  Geological Survey and other public data sources.

Read or download the Final Report

Read or download the Appendices

Students prepared posters and presentations on the study and Dr. Hu is developing a model that will predict likely areas where the stream bank may fail. 

GIS Analysis of Streambank Erosion and Invasive Riparian Vegetation in the Brodhead Watershed, Northeastern Pennsylvania - Mark Edwards.

Streambank Stability and the Presense of Invasive Riparian Vegetation in the Marshalls Creek Watershed, PA - Michal Niemoczynski et al.

Streambank Stability and the Presense of Invasive Riparian Vegetation in Paradise Creek, PA - Michal Niemoczynski

Bank Stability and the Spreading of Invasive Plants in the Swiftwater Creek Watershed - Shane Law

Streambank Stability and the Presence of Invasive Riparian Vegetation in the Brodhead Watershed - Mark Edwards

View some of the data from the study here:


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