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September 2017


House GOP plan To empty environmental funds means not paying 900 grants already awarded

A plan by a group of conservative House Republicans lead by Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams) to empty environmental special funds and transfer the money to the General Fund will mean not paying communities for all or part of at least 900 grants for local projects already approved and underway over the last two years. ... READ MORE FROM PA ENVIRONMENT DIGEST


August 2017


LAWSUIT: ‘Not one drop’ of Poland Spring bottled water is from a spring

Poland Spring, the country’s best-selling bottled water, is “a colossal fraud,” according to a class-action lawsuit. ... Read more from the Washington Post


A Texas Farmer on Harvey, Bad Planning and Runaway Growth

An opinion piece by East Stroudsburg author and journalist Seamus McGraw. ... READ MORE FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES


July 2017


Letter to the Editor: State budget ignores need for clean water

As former Vice President Joe Biden remarked, “Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” The Pennsylvania State Legislature just sent a loud and clear message — we do not value clean, drinkable water. ... READ MORE FROM THE POCONO RECORD



June 2017



Buck Hill Falls Water Company has been in discussions with Niagara Bottling Company for selling bulk water ... trucking it out of town to be bottled and sold. Read more on this issue at the Barrett Township website. Click here to see the Delaware River Basin Commission docket on the issue.


May 2017


Delaware Water Gap showing effects of climate change

BUSHKILL, Pa. – In the past 125 years, the Kittatinny Ridge has sunk – climatologically – about 600 feet and now the ridge-top has a climate more like northern Virginia was a century ago.


Green Infrastructure: Managing Stormwater Runoff At Municipal Level

If left unchecked, stormwater can add pollutants like soil, nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus), and pathogens into our streams and rivers. This may lead to health impacts, unsightly and unpleasantly smelling waterways, and a degraded environment. That is why there are laws in place for proper management of stormwater runoff. For a brief overview of those laws, with a special focus on municipal ordinances and the important role they play in stormwater management, click here.


The Department of Environmental Protection created a model stormwater ordinance. This is a good place to start in developing your own.


To see how BWA has been building green infrastructure locally, click here.



April 2017


Listening Tour coming this way

Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection is hosting an Environmental Justice Listening Tour, with the closest "focus area" stop on May 11 in Allentown. The public is strongly urged to attend. For information, read more here.



March 2017

Monroe County Conservation District: the builder's friend

Local agency gives up partial enforcement duties, shifts focus


Monroe County Conservation District has decided to give up part of its local ability to enforce the environmental rules with a change to its nearly 20-year standard of delegation with the state Department of Environmental Protection.





  • MCCD Monthly

Find out what's discussed

at Monroe County Conservation District's monthly board meetings.

By Paula Heeschen

JULY 2017

Barrett water company proposal, conservation district actions require your attention.



JUNE 2017

Internal issues throwing board out of balance



MAY 2017

MCCD board convenes without a quorum – and too few environment-minded  leaders.



APRIL 2017

Business concerns seem to be pushing a stream designation program off course.




Recent MCCD board meetings have found a board majority often at odds with their paid staff  .... read more here.







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