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BWA's Adopt-a-Stream program


Join some of the largest – and smallest – organizations in our area who believe in clean water: Join Brodhead Watershed Association’s Adopt-a-Stream Program.


If clean water is important to you, become an Adopt-a-Stream Sponsor or an Adopt-a-Stream Steward.


As a steward or a sponsor, clubs, businesses and other organizations in our watershed support BWA’s highly successful, all-volunteer Streamwatch Program.


Streamwatch trains volunteers and equips them to become stewards of their local stream. A corps of about 70 volunteers monitors more than 100 stream locations every month. Volunteers learn to use scientific testing kits to check and record pH, nitrate-nitrogen, and ortho-phosphate. They also record water and air temperature and their observations of stream conditions.




--Membership in Brodhead Watershed Association, proving your commitment to protecting our most valuable resource – clean water. This includes discounts to BWA events.


--The satisfaction of knowing that your contribution supports BWA’s Streamwatch volunteer-stewards.


--Ongoing recognition every chance we get, such as the BWA website, quarterly newsletter, annual Membership Celebration, Annual Report and in a press release when you join.


--A handsome plaque for public display recognizing your support.


--Your stream or your own Streamwatch site will be identified with your organization.


Become an Adopt-a-Stream Steward with a $500 annual contribution or an Adopt-a-Stream Sponsor with a $350 annual contribution ... you’ll be in very fine company!



We thank these members of our Adopt-a-Stream Program:


Adopt-a-Stream Stewards

Barley Creek Brewing Co.

Miriam Bauers & Kurt Zeisler

Borough of Stroudsburg
Brodhead Chapter of Trout Unlimited
Brodhead Creek Regional Authority
Brodhead Forest & Stream Association
Camelback Mountain Resort
Jeff & Carol Desind
Mark Dodel & Patricia Rylko
ESSA Bank & Trust
Hanover Engineering Associates
Henryville Conservation Club

Jim & Carol Hillestad

Steven Krawitz

Middle Smithfield Township

Samuel Newman
Paradise Township

Pohoqualine Fish Association
PPL Foundation

Anthony & Susan Roberts
John Smith
Smithfield Township
Edie Stevens
Stroud Township

Swiftwater Preserve

Vigon International
Weiler Corporation


Adopt-a-Stream Site Sponsors

Barrett Township

Bendobrook Trust
Brodhead Hunting & Fishing Club
Susan & Thomas Brozena
Chestnuthill Township

Edgar Cullman
Desaki Restaurant
Rosalind Evans
First Northern Bank & Trust
Ann Foster

Eric Girardi
Hamilton Township
Dick Lessard

David Lewis

Sheelagh Murphy

Paradise Falls Lutheran Association
Parkside Angling Association
Pocono Cheesecake Factory
Sanofi Pasteur
Spread Eagle Associates
Strauser Nature’s Helpers

Tom Van Zandt



Your contribution is tax-deductible!


The Brodhead Watershed Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The official registration and financial information of Brodhead Watershed Association is available from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement. Eligibility to receive tax-deductible contributions can be verified atHTTP://APPS.IRS.GOV/APP/EOS/.





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