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BWA's Adopt-a-Stream program


Join some of the largest – and smallest – organizations in our area who believe in clean water: Join Brodhead Watershed Association’s Adopt-a-Stream Program.


If clean water is important to you, become an Adopt-a-Stream Sponsor or an Adopt-a-Stream Steward.


As a steward or a sponsor, clubs, businesses and other organizations in our watershed support BWA’s highly successful, all-volunteer Streamwatch Program.


Streamwatch trains volunteers and equips them to become stewards of their local stream. A corps of about 70 volunteers monitors more than 100 stream locations every month. Volunteers learn to use scientific testing kits to check and record pH, nitrate-nitrogen, and ortho-phosphate. They also record water and air temperature and their observations of stream conditions.




--Membership in Brodhead Watershed Association, proving your commitment to protecting our most valuable resource – clean water. This includes discounts to BWA events.


--The satisfaction of knowing that your contribution supports BWA’s Streamwatch volunteer-stewards.


--Ongoing recognition every chance we get, such as the BWA website, quarterly newsletter, annual Membership Celebration, Annual Report and in a press release when you join.


--A handsome plaque for public display recognizing your support.


--Your stream or your own Streamwatch site will be identified with your organization.


Become an Adopt-a-Stream Steward with a $500 annual contribution or an Adopt-a-Stream Sponsor with a $350 annual contribution ... you’ll be in very fine company!



We thank these members of our Adopt-a-Stream Program:


Adopt-a-Stream Stewards

Barley Creek Brewing Co.

Miriam Bauers & Kurt Zeisler

Borough of Stroudsburg
Brodhead Chapter of Trout Unlimited
Brodhead Creek Regional Authority
Brodhead Forest & Stream Association
Camelback Mountain Resort
Jeff & Carol Desind
Mark Dodel & Patricia Rylko
ESSA Bank & Trust
Hanover Engineering Associates
Henryville Conservation Club

Jim & Carol Hillestad

Steven Krawitz

Middle Smithfield Township

Samuel Newman
Paradise Township

Pohoqualine Fish Association
PPL Foundation

Anthony & Susan Roberts
John Smith
Smithfield Township
Edie Stevens
Stroud Township

Swiftwater Preserve

Vigon International
Weiler Corporation


Adopt-a-Stream Site Sponsors

Barrett Township

Bendobrook Trust
Brodhead Hunting & Fishing Club
Susan & Thomas Brozena
Chestnuthill Township

Edgar Cullman
Desaki Restaurant
Rosalind Evans
First Northern Bank & Trust
Ann Foster

Eric Girardi
Hamilton Township
Dick Lessard

David Lewis

Mountain View Vineyard, Winery & Brewery
Sheelagh Murphy

Paradise Falls Lutheran Association
Parkside Angling Association
Pocono Cheesecake Factory
Sanofi Pasteur
Spread Eagle Associates
Strauser Nature’s Helpers

Tom Van Zandt



Your contribution is tax-deductible!


The Brodhead Watershed Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The official registration and financial information of Brodhead Watershed Association is available from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement. Eligibility to receive tax-deductible contributions can be verified atHTTP://APPS.IRS.GOV/APP/EOS/.





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