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Member Spotlight: Tom Galucci / Absolutely Lawns   September,  2012

Tom Galucci and Absolutely Lawns- Adopt-A-Streamsite Sponsors

Tom Galucci, and his lawn care firm, Absolutely Lawns, are BWA's newest Adopt-A-Stream Site Sponsor.

Tom is a long time member of BWA, and an early volunteer Streamwatcher.  As his family and business grew, Tom decided to make his contribution to BWA a monetary one. 

Absolutely Lawns speciallizes in the health of your trees, shrubs, and lawns,  using low impact pesticide practices and has organic programs available.

Tom and his family live in Paradise Township..


BWA's Adopt-A-Stream Site membership, also known as "Club and Corporate membership,"  allows generous supporters of BWA to support the Streamwatch program, BWA's all-volunteer water quality monitoring program.  Learn more about both programs.

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